The Wicks

With Heart, Soul, and Vocal Thunder, The Wicks hold nothing back! The Wicks are best described as a Folk act with a lot of Soul/R&B. Yes, you might hear stage stomping, you might see bottleneck slides and mandolins, but you’ll always hear and feel the Soul!

Pauline tells timeless stories with bold vocal melodies that cut to the core of your soul as she holds down a booming beat with her feet. Jedidiah strums by her side inspiring your hands and feet to move to The Wicks infectious rhythms.

Whether The Wicks come to your town as a coffee shop duo or a fan-pleasing full band, get ready to move and be moved because The Wicks powerful presence will ignite any stage!


“…Great songwriting, meaningful lyrics…dark harmonic chords and an upbeat sound that smacks of southern rock.  It will be exciting to hear what else this emerging band produces.” – Greg Jones, Ear To The Ground Music

The Wicks Have Shared the Stage With: Bonnie Bishop, Tyler Hilton, Penny & Sparrow, Grace and Tony, Austin Jenckes, Cody Beebe & The Crooks. 
The Wicks Have Played the Stages Of: Kimbro’s Cafe (TN), Eddie Owens Presents Red Clay Theatre (GA), Queen City Music Hall (TX), The Crocodile Cafe (WA), Chinook Fest NW (WA)


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